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Gridiron Glory: The Best of the Pro Football Hall of Fame
October 3, 2014 - January 4, 2015

It’s an all-American exhibition from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Celebrate the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s 50th anniversary with this 6,000-square-foot exhibition jam-packed with hundreds of artifacts chronicling pro football’s story, from its humble beginnings to the cultural phenomenon it is today. Slip on a helmet rigged with coach-to-player communication. Test your vertical leaping ability. Or step inside the Champions Theater to see hard-hitting new material from NFL Films, including the eye-popping feature Fantastic Finishes.

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This exhibit is presented by the Detroit Lions.


Driving America
The World’s Premier Automotive Exhibition

Centered around an unparalleled collection of historically significant vehicles, this remarkable mix of authentic artifacts, digital media, interactive play and personal accounts focuses on the enormous influence the automobile has had on American culture.

Things to See in this exhibit:
18 Interactive kiosks
Drive-In theater
Driving America Timeline
Alternatives to Cars

With Liberty and Justice
for All

"With Liberty & Justice for All" is a groundbreaking exhibit that explores the proud and often painful evolution of American freedom.

Heroes of the Sky
The sky was a new frontier in 1903, and early pioneers of aviation strove to exploit its potential for science, showmanship, and enterprise.

Presidential Limousines
From Theodore Roosevelt to John F. Kennedy, see the vehicles that transported American presidents.

Made in America
This exhibit explores the legacy of American innovators from the 18th to 20th centuries who made America a manufacturing superpower!

Driving America
The World’s Premier Automotive Exhibition

An unparalleled collection of historical vehicles and stories focusing on automotive influence on American culture.

Downloads Educational

  The Lincoln Chair
President Abraham Lincoln was sitting in this rocking chair during the production of Our American Cousin at Ford's Theatre when he was assassinated on April 14, 1865.
        educational resource  themed itinerary

  George Washington Camp Bed
Take a look at an original camp bed used by George Washington, our first president.
        educational resource  themed itinerary

  The Goldenrod
This vehicle and the spirit and ingenuity that it represents is a clear example of ordinary people taking extraordinary measures to achieve the American dream.
        educational resource 

  Wright Flyer Replica
The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) commissioned The Wright Experience of Warrenton, Virginia, to build this authentic reproduction in celebration of 100 years of flight.
        educational resource 

  Gothic Steam Engine
This 30-foot-tall, 50-ton engine drove machinery used to make lead products such as pipe and sheet flashing. It was donated to the museum by John T. Lewis & Co. in 1930.

  Kennedy Presidential Limousine
Many Americans still remember the tragic day of November 22, 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. See the limousine in which he rode.
          themed itinerary