A Colonial Family and Community

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Meet the Daggetts -- a real family who lived in
northeastern Connecticut during the mid-1700s:
image of Samuel Daggett
image of Anna
and wife, Anna
image of Asenath
his daughters, Asenath

image of Tabitha,
and Tabitha
image of Isaiah
his son, Isaiah

The Daggetts lived on a farm in the town of Coventry, Connecticut. Unlike other New England towns, it did not have a town center or village green, but was made up of farms scattered across the countryside. Mills, craft shops and taverns were located on people's farms.

Many people in this community were from families who had come from Massachusetts. They wanted to establish farms in an area where most of the land had not already been settled by earlier generations of colonists. Religion played an important role in many New England colonial communities. People from Coventry, together with people from the neighboring towns of Hebron and Lebanon, attended the First Congregational Church of Andover.

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When you have answered all 7 questions correctly, you earn the chance to prove your skill as a history detective by discovering "What's Wrong with This Picture?"

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