Sewon Chun, Senior Designer

Sewon is proud of his work as lead designer of the 2015 Ford Mustang’s interior, but he has also led the design work on the interiors of the Taurus, Edge and Fusion.

“As a designer, my job is to make customers smile when they see their Mustang. But my bigger job is to connect Ford Motor Company to the world.”

When Sewon Chun started sketching the interior of the 50th anniversary Ford Mustang, he was given a clean sheet to start designing the car from scratch. But he recognized that the Mustang had a lot of history and a great deal of personal nostalgia attached to it, and so he chose to retain certain design elements from previous generations. 

His plan paid off. He received a letter from one potential customer praising the way he highlighted iconic cues that kept the car faithful to its heritage. Ford also recognized that his design would be a hit with customers, and Sewon’s theme was chosen for the 2015 Mustang.

Outside the office, Sewon is passionate about doing what’s best for his family and maintaining a strong connection with them. Naturally, he designs vehicles that he thinks they will love as well. For more inspiration, he looks to architecture, fashion and technology.

From the first time he worked at Ford as an intern, Sewon has been impressed with Ford’s commitment to equal opportunity and fair treatment regardless of race, gender, religion or any other factors. He’s able to focus on the important things in his career, like drawing on his experiences around the world to design vehicles that will appeal to global markets.