Jennifer Shaw, Driver Assistance Electronics Supervisor

For Jennifer, it’s all about using technology to make small changes that add up to a better day-to-day driving experience for Ford’s customers.

“We aren’t using technology for technology’s sake – it’s technology for the purpose of helping people navigate through tight spaces and making their lives easier.”

Though she never considered herself a car person growing up, Jennifer Shaw realized while in college and on summer internships that she wanted to find a role that would allow her to have an immediate impact on people’s daily lives. The auto industry, and Ford specifically, was the perfect way for her to do that.

Since she spends a lot of time with her husband and four-year-old daughter, Jennifer designs features with both children and parents in mind. When she works on innovative new products, she thinks about how her designs can keep children safe and make parents’ lives easier. From push-button start systems to rear-view camera systems, no matter what she works on at Ford, she has the opportunity to do little things that have big benefits for drivers.