Quality is responsible for driving continuous improvement for the Ford and Lincoln brands to deliver top quality products and services to delight our customers. We achieve this through operational excellence and global processes and tools, such as Global Product Development System, Quality Operating System, New Model Launch, working with integrated teams in Manufacturing, Product Development, Purchasing, Marketing, Sales and Service, etc.


What We Do

  • Product Development Quality Functions and Programs

    Manages processes, standards, warranties, and coaching on critical functions, including Body Interior and Exterior Engineering, Chassis Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Powertrain Engineering, Vehicle Engineering and all Ford and Lincoln vehicle programs. We apply lean product creation analysis and measurement tools for Product Development process diagnosis, design and deployment.

  • Global Product Development System

    Develops standardized processes to design and develop vehicles, with a focus on deliverables, sequence of activities, templates, methods and tools. We coach and partner with Product Development to ensure optimal application and execution.

  • Failure Mode Avoidance

    Coaches and applies engineering methods and tools based on applicable processes. We work on improving design, process robustness and reliability.

  • Manufacturing Quality

    Drives and manages product and operational excellence in Ford’s current and future models. We focus on the quality operating system and Ford production system in coaching and supporting adherence to critical standards and continuous improvement. To do so, we employ an integrated approach with several areas, including Manufacturing Engineering, Material Planning & Logistics, Plant Operations, Product Development, and Supplier Technical Assistance. We also focus on lean manufacturing strategies, standards and practices.

  • New Model Launch

    Focuses on practices and procedures that adhere to launch cycle plans and timing. We partner with Product Development, Manufacturing and Material Planning & Logistics to ensure continuous quality launches and builds.