We are a respected team of talented, motivated professionals responsible for developing a global supply strategy. Our work ensures that quality parts and services are delivered on time at the optimal cost in order to create vehicles that our customers want and value. Our team achieves its goals by working closely with other One Ford team members and by building strong relationships with the supply base. Valuable members of the purchasing team possess ingenuity, the ability to establish rapport, build trust and share their passion for quality.


What We Do

  • Business Support Operations

    Manages specialty areas within the global purchasing team. These areas include business strategy, supplier diversity development, supply risk management, supply chain sustainability, team value management and information management systems.

  • Facilities, Materials & Services Purchasing (FM&SP)

    Responsible for the procurement of all goods and services not contained within the vehicles and powertrains we produce. FM&SP is responsible for purchasing advertising programs, agency personnel, construction services, healthcare programs, assembly machinery and transportation services.

  • Global Programs Purchasing

    Provides the single point of contact (SPOC) between Global Vehicle & Powertrain Purchasing and Product Development Program teams. We facilitate the execution of sourcing and target-setting processes, program sourcing strategy and metrics, and component delivery to support pre- and post-Job #1 builds.

  • Global Vehicle & Powertrain Purchasing

    Procures all components directly installed in vehicles and powertrains manufactured in Ford’s worldwide assembly and powertrain facilities. We are responsible for key commercial relationships with a diverse strategic supply base.

  • Supplier Technical Assistance

    Provides technical expertise by partnering with buyers to select and develop the most capable suppliers. We drive the highest quality and manufacturing capability to achieve world-class customer satisfaction and safety in our vehicles and powertrains.