We enable our plants and facilities around the world to produce world-class products for customers everywhere. We ensure flawless and efficient vehicle assembly and the design and installation of the production tooling that makes it possible.


What We Do

  • Vehicle Operations Manufacturing Engineering (VOME)

    Manages the design and construction of Ford’s production tooling and assesses the feasibility of advanced vehicle designs. VOME engineers are responsible for developing and implementing state-of-the-art production processes and designing, constructing, testing and installing tooling in vehicle production facilities.

  • Stamping Business Unit Engineering (SBU)

    Manages all of Ford’s stamping equipment, tooling, die design and die construction. SBU engineers are responsible for feasibility, design and tryout for new model programs. SBU operations manage production tooling, equipment and day-to-day customer requirements.

  • Powertrain Operations Manufacturing Engineering (PTOME)

    Responsible for the planning, procurement, installation, capability and launch of manufacturing systems to produce powertrains and related components. PTOME engineers lead and support ongoing problem resolution, lean manufacturing processes and investment efficiency actions.

  • Material Planning and Logistics (MP&L)

    Coordinates production processes and optimizes the global supply chain by enabling the synchronous flow of information and material. We manage and communicate key information such as release requirements, engineering changes, operating patterns, shipping routes and in-transit parts follow-up.

  • Plant Operations

    Responsible for the assembly and distribution of Ford vehicles and automotive parts, including engines, transmissions, stampings and more, for 65 plants worldwide.

  • Ford Production Systems

    Implements lean manufacturing strategies, standards and practices throughout the Ford production system in order to enable world-class manufacturing.