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How do I know if I have a recall on my vehicle?

A recall is a determination by the Company that some action is needed to correct a vehicle defect related to safety, emissions, or other regulatory requirements.

If your vehicle is affected, it may require you to return to your Ford or Lincoln Mercury Dealer for service. If your vehicle is not affected, it may be because it was built at a different time or uses a different part than the affected vehicle.

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What is Sync?

SYNC is an in-vehicle communications and entertainment system that enables you to operate your mobile phone and portable media player hands-free using simple voice commands.

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How do I contact Ford Credit?

Send an email to Ford Credit.

For more information, please refer to:

How do I find a Ford, Lincoln or Mercury Dealer in my neighborhood?

Please refer to the related topics - they may help you.

If not, please rephrase your question using words specific to your needs.

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