A Message from the President of Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services

Shortly after Henry Ford began his enterprise in 1903, he said, "A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business." He was referring to the obligation of companies, not only to create good products for their customers, but also to share good works and goodwill. That is precisely the goal of Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services—to support initiatives and institutions that enhance and improve opportunities for those who live in the communities where Ford Motor Company operates.

Jim Vella, President, Ford Motor Company
Fund and Community Services

As the president of Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services, I look forward to continuing Ford's legacy of corporate responsibility and volunteerism. Since beginning my career at Ford in 1988, I have watched the company's lend-a-hand spirit grow. Having served as chairperson of Ford Motor Company Fund's board of directors and through my active involvement in the creation of Ford Volunteer Corps in 2005, I truly believe Ford and its employees are making a difference.

Ford Motor Company Fund remains committed to playing an active role in the community and working with our associates. We will continue to focus on education—our number-one priority—creating and implementing innovative new programs that cultivate the skills needed to create tomorrow's innovations.

Ford Motor Company Fund is continuing its commitment to safety, as we believe it's our responsibility as a leading auto maker to not only equip our vehicles with the best safety devices, but also equip our communities with valuable information to encourage safe driving.

And, above all, we will continue our legacy of inclusion, our key corporate value, which serves as a common thread that connects each program we support.

All of us at Ford consider corporate responsibility a key part of who we are as a business. Our legacy of caring will continue, because we all share the commitment of our founder. In the words of our executive chairman Bill Ford, "I want us to be the company that makes a difference in people's lives—one that inspires its employees, delights its customers, rewards its shareholders and makes the world a better place."

Jim Vella

President, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services

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