Silk Road Project

We're one of the founding supporters of the Silk Road Project, an extraordinary classical music initiative exploring cross-cultural influences among and between Asia and the West and led by renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma and a team of distinguished international scholars, musicians and artists.

Illuminating the Silk Road

The Silk Road Project illuminates the historical contributions and celebrates the cross-cultural dimensions of the Silk Road. Through concerts and other events, audiences throughout Europe, North America and Asia are introduced to the fusion of sounds, musical techniques and instruments fostered by the process of exchange along the ancient Silk Road trade route.

Educational Materials

In addition to our role as a founding global corporate partner we also commissioned the development of a major education initiative, Silk Road Encounters, which extends Silk Road themes into schools and local communities in conjunction with Silk Road Project festivals and concerts.

The Silk Road Encounters initiative includes the creation of printed materials for educators and families; video, audio and web-based education components; and storytelling concerts for children. These materials are accessible through the Silk Road Project website, as well as through a special site for educators, Silk Road Encounters for Teachers.

Silk Road on the Road

The Silk Road Project has traveled to more than 50 cities around the world since 2001.

The Silk Road Project has also partnered with leading museums in Asia, Europe and North America to co-produce a series of performance, exhibition and educational events unique to each institution. These two-week residencies bring great works of art together with traditions of oral literature and music to create greater awareness of both the diverse peoples and the interactions of rich cultural traditions in the lands along the ancient Silk Road trade route.

More Information

For more information, visit the Silk Road Project website.