Ford Orientation Center at Mount Vernon

Even today, Mount Vernon continues to have a significant role in preserving America's storied history and ensuring Americans understand George Washington's invaluable role in the founding of our nation. To help ensure Mount Vernon continues to educate visitors about our country's heritage, Mount Vernon and Ford Motor Company Fund created the Ford Orientation Center.

Bringing History to Life

The Ford Orientation Center at Mount Vernon introduces visitors to this national treasure through a series of multimedia experiences, bringing to life significant moments throughout Mount Vernon's history. A biographical film about George Washington and a detailed model of the mansion will prepare visitors for everything they'll see and experience during their time at Mount Vernon.

Maintaining Our Commitment

We have long recognized the importance of Mount Vernon's place in history, beginning with Henry Ford's donation of the landmark's first fire engine in 1923. The relationship has remained strong since, and we've supported a wide range of educational initiatives and exhibitions at Mount Vernon, including student internship programs, the George Washington Biography Lesson for the state of Michigan and exhibitions such as Treasures from Mount Vernon and Saving Mount Vernon.