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* 1860-1869 1880-1889 *
The 15th amendment guarantees that no male citizen will be deprived of the right to vote because of race, color or previous condition of servitude.

The United States Weather Bureau is established.


A fire destroys the city of Chicago, Illinois.


The first professional baseball association, the National Association of Professional Baseball Players, is organized.
Yellowstone National Park is established for the enjoyment of the public.
The United States experiences an economic depression, as over 5,000 companies go out of business after a stock market panic.


The rapid settlement of the West, after railroads are built there, helps make the American buffalo almost extinct.
The typewriter offers Americans an alternative to writing business letters and reports by hand.


America gets its first public zoo, the Philadelphia Zoological Gardens.


At his California nursery, Luther Burbank begins experiments to create new strains of berries, fruits, vegetables and grasses.

Congress passes a Civil Rights Bill prohibiting discrimination in public places.
United States celebrates 100 years as a nation.

Almost 10 million people attend the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, which featured recent American inventions and products.


Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone.

Gen. George Custer and his soldiers are killed in a battle with the Sioux Indians at the Little Big Horn in Montana.
President Rutherford B. Hayes withdraws the last federal soldiers from the South, leaving the rights of African Americans unprotected.

Thomas Edison invents the phonograph.

Nez Perce war with the United States ends when federal troops capture Chief Joseph and his tribe.


A constitutional amendment to give women the right to vote is rejected by Congress.


Thomas Edison invents the first practical incandescent electric light at Menlo Park, New Jersey.

Large numbers of disillusioned African Americans leave the South, many settling in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Frank Woolworth opens his first successful five-and-ten cent store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

* 1860-1869 1880-1889 *

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