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* 1820-18291840-1849 *


America has over 50,000 mills with machinery driven by waterpower.

Louis Godey publishes the Lady's Book, the first successful women's magazine in the United States.


Nat Turner leads a revolt of enslaved African Americans in Southampton County, Virginia.

William Lloyd Garrison begins publishing the abolitionist newspaper, The Liberator,  to encourage the end of enslavement.

Steam locomotive DeWitt Clinton pulls ornate railroad coaches filled with passengers on a 12 mile journey between Albany and Schenectady, New York.


Cyrus McCormick invents a labor-saving mechanical reaper, allowing farmers to harvest grain more efficiently.
The first school for the blind opens in Boston, Massachusetts.
The first national abolitionist organization, the American Anti-Slavery Society, is formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Henry Blair, the first African American to receive a patent, invents a corn planter.
Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville writes a report on American society, Democracy in America, after traveling 7,000 miles throughout the United States.


Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and 200 Texans are killed when the Alamo, a fort in San Antonio, Texas, is captured by Mexican leader Santa Anna.
A mob attacks and kills abolitionist editor Elijah Lovejoy in his newspaper office in Alton, Illinois.

John Deere creates a steel-bladed plow that turns moist soil with ease, contributing to the expansion of farming in the midwest and western United States.


"Trail of Tears" claims 4,000 lives as 15,000 Cherokee Native Americans are forced to leave their lands in Georgia and southeastern Tennessee, and travel to new lands in Oklahoma.
American farmers grow over 84,000,000 bushels of wheat.

Charles Goodyear invents a process for vulcanizing rubber, hardening the naturally sticky substance for use in many different products.


The era of photography begins in the United States, as Louis Daguerre's process for capturing photographic images is introduced.

* 1820-1829 1840-1849 *

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