The Henry Ford
Model T Centennial
100 Years of the Model T

The Car of the Century
Henry Ford had a vision to create a car that was simple, affordable, and versatile—a "car for the great multitude." He realized his vision with the creation of the Model T. It was strong, lightweight, simple to repair, and capable of providing years of service in difficult conditions. It was an appealing and practical tool that anyone with an average income could afford, and it changed almost every aspect of American culture. Between 1908 and 1927, the Ford Motor Company produced over 15 million Model Ts, offering reliability, mobility, and freedom of movement that was unprecedented and previously beyond the dreams of average Americans. At the height of its popularity, it was manufactured in 20 countries, on every continent except Antarctica.

Join the Henry Ford as we celebrate the Model T's pervasive, enduring influence and its legacy as the innovation that changed the face of the United States and the world. Individuals, families and educators will find a variety of daily activities, special events, learning opportunities and products available throughout the year.

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