Diversity in the Workplace

Throughout our history, inclusion has been as much a part of our success as our great products.

We're a Leader in Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion remain key business strategies for us. Diversity in the workplace is evident at every level of the company, from the boardroom to the design studio, from the plant floors to the engineering centers. Our diversity makes us a better and stronger company by bringing in fresh ideas, perspectives, experiences and life responsibilities and by fostering a truly collaborative workplace.

When we say that we're a leader in workplace diversity, this isn't just our opinion. We've received more than 200 awards in recent years from publications and organizations that recognize the value the company places on building a diverse and inclusive culture.

Strategic Areas of Focus

Our Diversity and Worklife Vision focuses on building a diverse and inclusive environment that creates high-performing teams and organizations and drives business results.

To focus our activities on achieving this vision, we have identified five strategic areas of focus. All of our official activities focusing on diversity and inclusion must align with one of these strategic areas:

  • Leading the Way
  • Workforce Diversity
  • Respectful and Inclusive Work Environment
  • Worklife Integration
  • External Partnerships

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

For more than a decade, our ERGs have provided support, outreach and development to employees who share ethnicity, race, religion, life experiences, disabilities or backgrounds.

ERGs hold educational and cultural diversity events and support many diversity-related efforts such as college campus recruiting. Membership is open to all Ford employees.

Worklife Integration Programs and Benefits

Our worklife integration programs and benefits promote flexibility and balance between work and personal life through transitional work arrangements (such as part-time work), job sharing and flexible schedules.

Dealer Diversity

Ford is a leader among automakers in expanding its minority dealership base. We offer assistance to help members of minority groups succeed in the automotive dealership business.

Supplier Diversity and Empowerment

Our Supplier Diversity Program encourages large suppliers to work with smaller, minority- and women-owned businesses to empower diverse communities through wealth creation.

Additionally, we're working with CVM Diversity Question to create an interactive, internet-based reporting program called M-Tier, which is the next evolution in Supplier Diversity Reporting. This system will track diverse supplier spending at all levels of our value chain and assist our suppliers in establishing their own Tier 2 reporting programs.