Greener Miles

Conserving Water to Reduce Our Impact

Water scarcity is an increasingly significant issue in many regions of the world, including the U.S., and our reduction efforts are ahead of the curve.


Our Blueprint for Sustainability

We’re developing near-, mid- and long-term solutions for making our vehicles more environmentally friendly.

Another Step Toward a Hydrogen-Powered Future

Research into hydrogen, including working with energy companies to build an infrastructure, is part of our overall efforts to address the challenges of climate change and energy independence.

Environmental Vehicles

See the vehicles we’ve designed to save fuel and emit less.

Hybrid Technology

Learn about the no-comprise solutions hybrids offer.


Get ready for a vehicle that only emits water.

Greener Manufacturing

See how we’re improving the manufacturing process.


Find out how we’re making the car you drive now cleaner and more fuel-efficient.

Ethanol (E85)

Prepare to harness the power of corn.


Learn about the cleaner diesels on the road today.

Corporate Sustainability

Read about how we stay competitive while protecting our resources.