The Model T Put the World on Wheels

Ford's "Tin Lizzie," also known as the Model T, put the world on wheels.


Thunderbird Has Kept American Hearts Racing for 50 Years

A true classic for more than 50 years, Ford Thunderbird rekindled America's love affair with the two-seater sports car.

Helping Police Agencies to Protect and Serve

Ford Motor Company’s commitment to the driving needs of law-enforcement agencies has allowed us to lead the U.S. market for police cars with Crown Victoria Police Interceptors.

The ’49 Ford Put the Company Back on the Road to Prosperity

The ‘49 Ford was a dramatic and exciting new vehicle with a range of styles and innovations that the postwar public loved.

The Evolution of Ford Crown Victoria

With a royal name, the Ford Crown Victoria has evolved through the decades while remaining a leader that is trusted by families, fleets, taxis, police and other loyal customers.

The Best-Selling Trucks in North America for More Than 30 years

The F-Series truck could easily be described as America's favorite full-sized pickup truck—it has been the best seller in North America for more than 30 years.

The First Model A Laid a Foundation for the Future

The first Model A helped establish Ford Motor Company, as well as Henry Ford's reputation as an automotive entrepreneur.

The Second Model A

Ford's second Model A—the one built beginning in 1928—offered more style, comfort and safety than the world-famous Model T.

A Presidential Limousine

Storied Lincoln models, including the Cosmopolitan and the Continental, are among the Lincolns selected as limousines for U.S. presidents dating back to Calvin Coolidge.

Henry Ford’s First Working Automobile: the Quadricycle

The Quadricycle was the first automobile built by Henry Ford, and the foundation upon which he built a global company that made personal transportation affordable for the masses.

Ford Mustang: a True American Icon

Mustang is the original pony car and a best-selling U.S. sports car and convertible.

Beyond the Ford Model T - 100 Years of Innovation

Discover how the Ford Model T ushered a 100 years of automotive advancements.