Historic Sites

Ford's Rouge Complex Is Known as an Industrial Trend-setter in Both the 20th and 21st Centuries

Ford's Rouge complex, a world-renowned 20th-century icon, has been transformed into a 21st-century role model.


Village Industries Program

Henry Ford created the Village Industries program to bring jobs and prosperity to small towns.

The Moving Assembly Line Debuted at the Highland Park Plant

Ford Motor Company's Highland Park plant was the site of what is perhaps the company’s most important automotive innovation—the moving assembly line—in 1913.

The Dearborn Inn

As aviation began to take off, Henry and Edsel Ford were interested enough in the new industry to develop an airport; Henry then built one of the first airport hotels.

Dearborn Truck Plant is a Model of Flexible and Sustainable Manufacturing

Dearborn Truck Plant is the flagship of Ford's next generation of lean and flexible plants—and of the company's vision of sustainable manufacturing.

Fair Lane: Where Henry and Clara Ford Called “Home”

Henry and Clara Ford's final home, Fair Lane, included a hydroelectric powerhouse and nature areas and is still a landmark today.

Detroit Renaissance Center Helped Revitalize Detroit

Henry Ford II's commitment to developing the Renaissance Center brought people, businesses and new hope to Detroit following the 1967 riots.