Innovator, Industrialist, Outdoorsman: Henry Ford Started It All

Henry Ford was a farmer's son whose manufacturing genius transformed life around the globe.


“Whiz Kids” Brought Financial Expertise and Modern Management to Ford Motor Company

Henry Ford II's decision to hire the “Whiz Kids” set the stage for the company's survival and growth.

Edsel Ford Brought Design and Elegance to Ford Motor Company Vehicles

Edsel Ford helped bring design as well as function to the automotive business.

Clara Bryant Ford: Henry’s "Great Believer"

Henry Ford’s wife, Clara, was a loyal partner—in innovation, in dancing and in life—and had unflagging faith in his ventures.

Edsel B. Ford II: Leadership and Service to the Company and the Community

Edsel B. Ford II followed his father, Henry Ford II, and grandfather and namesake, Edsel Ford, in service to company and community.

Henry Ford II Led the Company Into Prosperity and Strengthened Its Global Presence

Henry Ford II led the company into postwar prosperity and ensured its future as a global automotive power.

Bill Ford Jr.: Building a Sustainable Future for Ford Motor Company

Bill Ford Jr. answered the call to lead Ford Motor Company into the 21st century and to set the course for an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future.

Veterans and Others with Disabilities Welcomed at Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company has a history of offering equal employment opportunities to persons with disabilities, including returning veterans of the wars of the 20th and early 21st centuries.

The Real Story of a “Rosie the Riveter”: a Ford Motor Company Employee

"Rosie the Riveter" (and millions like her) proved once and for all that women could do factory work.

Henry Ford and His Camping Companions: “Vagabonds” Who Were Anything But

The Vagabonds: Henry Ford and three other remarkable innovators of the time bonded over campfires.

William Clay Ford: A Respected Company, Community and Sports Leader

William Clay Ford's long career with Ford Motor Company included personal triumphs in design and strategy; outside of the company, he is a respected leader in the community and in sports.