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Supplier Training and Education

Training on human rights issues is essential to help our suppliers build their capability to responsibly manage working conditions in their facilities.

How We Build Capability

Ford’s training approach, developed and launched through the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), involves the following aspects:

  • An e-learning module to introduce the concepts covered by the AIAG Guiding Principles, and a knowledge assessment designed to provide feedback. Training materials are available free of charge to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and sub-tier suppliers in seven languages. Materials have been shared with the European Automotive Working Group to ensure a consistent message across the industry.

  • In addition, face-to-face in-country workshop sessions focus on specific national laws and local best practice, and encourage dialogue with suppliers for multiple OEMs. These are customized to suit the unique conditions in each country, and emphasize the role of human rights in meeting legal obligations, industry guidelines and international best practice. Participants are required to verify that they have shared the information with their employees and their own direct suppliers.

Most of our face-to-face supplier training is delivered through the AIAG or the European Automotive Working Group. These materials also serve as the basis for our own Ford-specific workshops.

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Training Results

In 2016, the AIAG e-learning module reached 2,004 participants, with 942 indicating Ford as a customer. During the year, supplier representatives from 161 direct and indirect supplier sites in five countries (Argentina, China, Czech Republic, India and Mexico) attended in-country training sessions covering human rights, working conditions, business ethics and the environment.

Training Data

 201420152016Program Total1
Training sessions conducted71214175
Total sites trained/retrained2802081613,302
  1. Program Total represents cumulative data from 2003 to 2016.

In 2017, we plan to host face-to-face training sessions in Brazil, India and Turkey, as well as increase the penetration of the AIAG e-learning module and knowledge assessment with our suppliers in Mexico.

Internal Supply Chain Sustainability Training

We also continue to strengthen our own internal capability for managing human rights. In 2016, we trained 1,153 Ford Purchasing employees, including management and supplier quality teams, on our Policy Letter 24 (pdf, 156kb) and Supply Chain Sustainability program, which includes identifying and reporting key warning indicators.

Since 2014, we have trained or retrained 2,450 Supplier Technical Assistance (STA) personnel, and training on our Supply Chain Sustainability program will be required in 2017.

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