The Climate Change Challenge

Climate change is having a significant impact on the planet. Ford continues to be committed to doing its share to stabilize the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, helping to mitigate the progression of temperature rise.

Creating Tomorrow Today

Our pledge to do our part remains the same: we are focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our operations and products, today and in the future.

Ford’s lineup today brings customers great choices in affordable fuel economy and quality. From our fuel-saving EcoBoost® technology (so far in more than 8 million engines worldwide) to advanced powertrains and lightweight materials, we continue to focus on improving fuel economy and CO2 emissions.

At the same time, Ford’s investment in breakthrough technologies and future mobility solutions – including electrification, connectivity and autonomy – will help transform how people move and are at the heart of our response to the climate change challenge.





We’re investing an additional $4.5 billion in electrified solutions by 2020, informed by social science-based research into how electric vehicle owners use their vehicles in real-world conditions. We’re combining marketing, research, engineering and design to reimagine our product development process, create new user experiences and make life better for millions of people.

Connectivity and Autonomy

Connected vehicles offer a host of solutions to cut congestion – and while autonomous vehicles may actually increase the number of cars on the road, with intelligent traffic management enabled by the fully connected car, we can increase the capacity of our streets without any infrastructure changes.

Ford will continue to invest in facilities, products and infrastructure that go beyond today’s business models and help create a sustainable future. We will also continue to collaborate and engage – working with other sectors, including fuel providers, utilities and even cities – to develop the most efficient solutions.

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See how we’re helping meet the collective challenge of climate change: