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South America

This section offers a regional perspective and an overview of initiatives to implement the corporate sustainability strategy in our South America regional business unit.

This is the third year of an economic crisis with great political difficulties that is currently being experienced in Brazil, Ford’s key market and operating base in South America.

This crisis has naturally brought great challenges for all companies. There has been a continuing deterioration in business conditions, and the automotive industry’s sales volumes and turnover have almost halved – unfortunately generating a surplus in personnel within the sector. We at Ford have gone to great lengths to seek creative ways to reduce the impact on our staff, including adopting innovative strategies that have never been used before to adjust production to demand.

We have also sought to alleviate the effects felt by communities. Instead of cutting funding in our social programs, we have actually increased investment over the last few years. This is core to Ford. Making people’s lives better is not just about making smarter and safer cars. It is about supporting communities where we operate and helping them flourish.

Despite the very challenging climate, we have continued to invest heavily in building a product lineup that delivers great consumer experiences across all segments. We continue to have an optimistic view of the opportunities that Brazil has to offer. By strengthening, not reducing, our social responsibility and our investment in the future, we will be ready to seize these opportunities when headwinds subside and calmer, brighter conditions prevail.”

Lyle Watters.

Lyle Watters,Vice President, Ford Motor Company and President, Ford South America

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2 primary markets: Brazil and Argentina

15,000 employees

8 manufacturing plants