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This section offers a regional perspective and an overview of initiatives to implement the corporate sustainability strategy in our Europe regional business unit.

The auto industry is at an inflection point as great as when Henry Ford first put the world on wheels more than a century ago. We’re moving from being an auto company to an auto and mobility company.

This is becoming increasingly evident in Europe where we offer a very successful Ford Carsharing Program with our dealers in Germany, and are testing a fleet of 20 Ford Transit Custom plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in London before going into production in 2019. We’re also working with other manufacturers to create a joint venture business later this year – focused on supporting electrification through the development of an ultra-fast, high-powered, DC charge network across Europe – plus bringing Chariot, the crowdsourced shuttle service, to Europe. In addition, we are testing autonomous vehicles in the region, and using our engineering expertise to develop new mobility ideas in cooperation with cities, to make people’s lives better.

We’re doing all this because it is both the right thing to do from a business perspective, and also because it will bring significant benefits to society. Innovation has been at the core of our business since its founding, and continues to be one of our guiding principles as we move into the future.”

James D. Farley

James D. Farley,Executive Vice President and President, Global Markets, Ford Motor Company (formerly Executive Vice President and President, Europe, Middle East and Africa)

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