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Developing Our Lineup of Electric Vehicles

As part of our plan to introduce 13 new global electric vehicles in the next five years, the new Ford Focus Electric will soon be joining our European lineup.

The Focus Electric is a fully electric family car that drivers can recharge from zero to 80 percent full in just 30 minutes using fast-charging technology. The zero-emission five-door hatchback has a battery with almost 50 percent more energy storage than the outgoing model. It means drivers can go 225 km (140 miles) on a single charge. Focus Electric also gets sophisticated SYNC 3 connectivity.

In addition, Ford is planning to launch an all-new fully electric SUV for Europe with an estimated 480 km (300 mile) range by 2020.

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EcoBoost Engine Innovation

Ford engineers in Europe have delivered a global first with a breakthrough innovation for the 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine. In early 2018, the engine will become the first three-cylinder engine in the world to feature cylinder deactivation technology.

The innovative engineering improves CO2 and fuel efficiency by up to 6 percent with no compromise on performance. This defies industry views that thought it was not possible to deliver the necessary level of refinement with a three-cylinder, variable capacity engine.

The technology works by automatically stopping fuel delivery and valve operation for one of the engine’s cylinders when full capacity is not needed – engaging or disengaging the cylinder 20 times faster than the blink of an eye. Combined with advanced solutions to counteract vibrations, cylinder deactivation will be imperceptible to drivers in terms of operation and engine performance.

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