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Vehicle Technologies to Enhance Fuel Economy, Safety and In-Car Experience

Ford’s advanced, award-winning EcoBoost engine technology delivers significant fuel-efficiency gains, without sacrificing performance, and reduced CO2 emissions in gasoline-powered vehicles. By performance, we mean not only peak power, but all aspects of performance such as low end torque and responsiveness.

We sold more than half a million EcoBoost engines in Asia Pacific in 2016, with China accounting for a large number of these. EcoBoost engines are available in 14 vehicles in China, including the 1.0-liter for EcoSport, Focus and Taurus.

Reducing stress at intersections; Ford tests technology to help navigate through busy street crossings.

In connectivity, customer experience and driver assist, Ford vehicle innovations include the following:

  • Ford’s SYNC 3, our in-car connectivity system, was launched in Asia Pacific in 2016. This updated version of SYNC offers an improved user experience with simpler voice commands and has now been rolled out to customers in 10 markets across the Asia Pacific region.

  • We continue to expand our portfolio of SYNC AppLink partner apps in the region. We have a growing portfolio of AppLink partners in China, India, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Taiwan that help drivers stay connected while also keeping them entertained and informed.

  • We have begun testing vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-everything features in Shanghai, which aim to help drivers navigate through busy street crossings. These features will, in future, help assist drivers to perfectly time the speed at which they approach traffic lights to minimize encountering red lights and more safely make left turns, saving time and fuel, and helping to reduce the risk of collisions at intersections.