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Supply Chain Management

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A. Working Conditions Training and Assessment

Working Conditions Assessments (as of 12/31/16)AmericasAsia PacificEuropeMiddle East & AfricaGlobal Total
Assessments completed to date403543111491,106
Follow-up assessments completed to date (third party and/or internal)543631159531,386
Working Conditions Training (as of 12/31/16)AmericasAsia PacificEuropeMiddle East & AfricaGlobal Total
Training sessions conducted to date8156299175
Total number of attending companies1,0549293921042,479
Total number of trained managers (attendees)1,6951,1756731683,711
Working Conditions Training (Scope of Impact: Supplier-Submitted Data as of 12/31/16)Global Total
Training cascade to management, individuals trained33,548
Training cascade to workforce, individuals trained705,216
Communication to suppliers, number of sub-tier companies141,444

B. Total Supplier Sites Trained/Retrained in Sustainability Management

Cumulative, since 2005


C. Total Purchases From Tier 2 Suppliers

$ billion