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Post-Crash Response

Post-crash notification technology assists occupants in summoning assistance in an urgent situation through in-vehicle emergency call systems and can give first responders potentially life-saving information.

Automated Emergency Calls

The SYNC 3 home screen.

Vehicles equipped with SYNC® in-car connectivity, which enables drivers to use cell phones and MP3 players through voice commands, also come with a call-for-help system called SYNC 911 Assist (in the U.S.) or Emergency Assistance (in other markets).

In the event of a severe crash where an airbag is deployed or the fuel pump is shut off, SYNC 911 Assist can make an emergency call using a paired/connected cell phone. This call can be initiated automatically, although a vehicle occupant can opt to cancel the call.

As well as providing the emergency operator with a GPS location, SYNC Enhanced 911 Assist can also provide data such as impact velocity, crash type, whether multiple impacts were sustained, safety belt usage for seating positions with belt reminders, and whether airbags were deployed. Such information could help emergency responders understand the severity of the incident and dispatch the most appropriate response. Enhanced 911 Assist is currently available on vehicles in the U.S. and China that are equipped with SYNC Gen 1.1 or Gen 3, and the offering has recently expanded to include Brazil.

Alerting Passers-By

The SOS-Post Crash Alert System, available on most Ford and Lincoln vehicles, alerts passers-by and first responders to a vehicle’s location. In the event of airbag or safety belt pre-tensioner activation, it automatically starts the hazard lights and, in non-European vehicles, sounds the horn. The system also sends a signal to unlock the vehicle doors to aid exit or access to first responders.