Customers and Products

Our core business is to produce high-quality, smart, safe vehicles that delight our customers.

We use life cycle assessments to understand and reduce the overall impacts of our products and the materials we use; we are developing sustainable technologies to improve fuel economy; and we’re exploring alternative fuel and powertrain options across our portfolio.

As part of our plan, we have invested heavily in electric vehicles, providing customers with efficient, low-carbon alternatives. We are also leaders in the use of sustainable, bio-based and recycled materials, helping us to enhance fuel economy, performance and end-of-life options.

The quality and safety of our products remain priorities of the utmost importance. We are committed to designing and manufacturing vehicles and technologies that achieve high levels of safety across a wide range of real-world conditions. We continue to get high marks in key public and private crash-testing programs, as well as in customer satisfaction and quality surveys, while our global Ford Driving Skills for Life education program is seen as an equally important contribution to road safety.

Our customers are why we exist; their satisfaction is essential to our future success. Therefore, the quality of our products and services must be our number one priority, today and tomorrow.”

Bill Ford

Bill Ford,Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Company

How We’ve Gone Further

Delivering Our Electrification Plans

13 new electric vehicles to be launched by 2020

Globally, more than 40% of our nameplates will be electrified

Recycling Reaches New Heights

We recycle 5 million pounds of aluminum scrap a week through our closed-loop recycling system

Enough to build 51 jumbo jets every month

Growth in Sustainable Materials

Annual CO2 emissions cut by more than 20 million pounds by using soy foam in our new U.S. vehicles

In seat cushions, backs and headrests

Keeping Customers Satisfied

Customer satisfaction in North America was a best-ever 81%

Global Quality Research System (GQRS), 2016

5-Star Safety Ratings

Ford has seven Advanced Awards for innovative technologies, and six Best in Class Awards, from Euro NCAP

More than any other OEM

Safer Behavior Behind the Wheel

Ford Driving Skills for Life has now reached 1 million newly licensed drivers

Program active in 35 countries