Fleet, Commercial Trucks & Specialty Vehicles

Fleet Vehicles

Explore the Ford Fleet website for information on government, municipal and corporate fleet purchases.

Commercial Trucks

With a bloodline going back 80 years, Ford commercial trucks and vans have the muscle you need to get the job done.

Mobility Motoring

We help people with physical disabilities take charge of their mobility.

Police Vehicles

We build vehicles to meet the needs of police and fire departments.


Our commercial taxi packages set the standard with unique ride, handling, comfort, and safety.

School Buses

Our school bus package has been an industry favorite for years.


Our ambulance prep packages have been industry leaders for over 10 years.

Shuttle Buses

Our shuttle package is designed to help serve your transportation needs when a heavy-duty vehicle is required.


This is the place to find motorhome chassis equipment.


We take great pride in meeting the unique needs of the chauffeured transportation and professional vehicle industry.